fr michael brady

For Fr Michael, 2014 concludes as a significant year for his religious commitment as he celebrated an extraordinary milestone of being ordained 25 years as a Priest.

“Bringing the Eucharist to people for their spiritual nourishment is very humbling and a privilege,” said Fr Michael

Fr Michael explains that part of being a priest is dealing with people at all different stages of their life and having people’s trust, encouragement and support.

“What is incredibly special for me as a Priest is that I am able to walk with people through their spiritual journey,” said Fr Michael.

Fr Michael entered the seminary at 32 years of age and was ordained when he was 38 and said that he had a deep love of the Mass and God and wanted to share that love with other people.

“I have had joy felt experiences and have wonderful memories with the people I have met over the years from all different backgrounds and I am still in contact with many of them now.

“It’s a very fulfilling and joyful life,” said Fr Michael.