Getting Involved

Getting involved in your Parish is good for many reasons, and not just benefiting the Parish. You will get a feeling of well being and gratitude, a sense of spiritual fulfillment,  meet new people and start some new friendships.

There are so many different ways of getting involved:

1. Join a Parish Group. Don’t be shy!

2. Come early to Mass and meet other Parishioners.

3. Use your gifts. Not every one can sing like an Angel or play the guitar but you might be able to help organise a Group picnic, or sign up to help with Children’s Liturgy. Or ask to be part of the Liturgy.

4. Read the bulletin. You’ll see upcoming events and calls for assistance for ministries who need help.

5. Ring the Parish Office and ask directly!

6. Submit contributions to the website like photos and video, (Photo Gallery), stories, information on Parish Group outings, or testimonials about what it means to be a Catholic.

Next steps

Have someone with you if you need help to take the first step: ask a friend to attend a meeting with you, or be with you when you make a phone call.