Congratulations on your decision to baptise your baby! We hope that as your child begins to grow and learn that they will also begin to learn about what it means to be a Christian, and in particular, a Catholic. We hope the following will help you in the preparation of your child’s baptism.

Q Do both parents have to be Catholic in order to have their child baptised in the Catholic Church?

A No, both parents do not need to be Catholic for this to happen. However, we would hope that for the sake of the child being baptised, and for the family in general, the non Catholic parent is supportive of the decision to have the child baptised. In order to properly ensure that the baptised child has every opportunity to grow in the Catholic faith and in the community of the Church, it is necessary that at least one parent must be a Catholic.

Q How do I arrange the baptism?

A You can complete the on-line application or contact parish office between business hours on 07 5536 7522

Q Where can the baptism take place?

A The baptism would take at St Joseph’s Church at Tweed Heads.

Q What else am I required to do in preparation for the baptism?

A St Joseph’s Parish has developed a Baptismal Preparation Program as a means of assisting and informing parents and godparents of their roles and responsibilities in relation to the spiritual upbringing of their child/children, as they prepare for baptism.

It is a requirement that at least the parent(s) of the child/children who are to be baptised, along with the godparents if possible, to attend this program prior to the baptism ceremony. Failure to do so could delay the baptism.

Q Why is it necessary to attend this meeting?

A This program has been developed and introduced because, to quote from the Rite of Baptism:

“Parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children in the ways of the faith. Only well formed, supportive and informed parents can bring to completion the child’s reception and practice of the faith through the sacramental life of the parish. School teachers cannot achieve this outcome, simply because they are not the parents of the child/children.

Q When and where is this Baptismal Preparation Program Meeting held?

A The meeting is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except for December, starting at 4pm, and is held at the Parish Administration Office. It goes for approximately 40 minutes. At the meeting you will not only be meeting other parents preparing for the baptism of their child/children, just like yourselves, but also learn different aspects of what baptism means, as well as the roles and responsibilities that go with it. When you contact the Parish Office regarding your baptism, you will be informed of the next Baptism Preparation meeting date.

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