School Fee Policy

School Fee Policy

St Joseph’s Parish Tweed Heads is committed in providing a Catholic education to all Catholic children whose parent/s or guardian/s desire it. We are also aware that some parent/s or guardian/s experience financial hardship. In spite of this, we will always endeavour to ensure that no catholic student from within the Parish be denied a place at our schools because parents are genuinely unable to pay full fees.

Enrolment Terms & Conditions
Split invoices

Split Invoices can be issued on request to each parent. However, each parent/guardian has a joint and several responsibility for the payment of the fees which means should either party not pay their share of the fees we have the right to pursue the other party for the full amount. N.B. The Parish School’s Office is not a party to any family court orders and is not bound by these orders. Parents who enrol students with such orders in place must be aware that they are responsible for the payment of the full account and need to pursue non payment by other parties through their own legal endeavours. 

There is an expectation that all families will meet out-of-pocket expenses towards their child’s education. These expenses include (but not limited to) parish building levy, books and resources costs, computer access fees.The acceptance by parent/s or guardian/s of a position at one of our schools for a non-Catholic student assumes the ability to pay full fees.

Fee Assistance Policy

Supporting your children to obtain a Catholic education in the parish can present financial challenges for families. The Parish Schools Office recognises these challenges and aims to support this important education choice by families. When unexpected changes occur, short term or long term assistance may be required.

The nature of support provided is determined following an assessment of the financial circumstances of parents/guardians. Whilst aiming to support as many families as possible, it is important to recognise that not all will qualify.

All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Select the following link to view the school fees assistance policy: School Fees Assistance Policy